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Index » Investment Projects » Project offer creation of the museum-touristic center on the basis of the estate-park complex in Khalch Village
Project offer creation of the museum-touristic center on the basis of the estate-park complex in Khalch Village 1 February 2011

Project offer creation of the museum-touristic center on the basis of the estate-park complex in Khalch VillageOur presentation is connected with reconstruction of Khalch homestead, which is one of the brightest architectural sights of Gomel region.

Revival of the local historical attractions and organization of the cultural-tourist zones on their basis is an important field, which has been getting more and more support from our state. According to world experience farm tourism market is developing dynamically showing up to 30 per cent annual growth.

Khalch as settlement was first mentioned in manuscripts in XIV century. In 1772 it became a property of Russian empire. The homestead itself was built in early XIX cent and included a palace and wonderful park.

Architectural-landscape of Khalch is situated on the way of the "Gomel Golden Ring" touristic route, 15 kms away from Gomel. This section of the region is the zone of regional interaction between Belarus, Russia and Ukraine.

The land plot covers 1 hectare approximately. This territory hosts a palace building, a monument dedicated to the fallen fellow-countrymen, two woodlands of green plantations, fruit trees, a non-operating water tower and some other territory which is not used presently.

Natural environment of the complex comprises the Sozh River, a park, rugged topography of the high riverside terrace, picturesque adjoining high-water bed territories.

The palace in Khalch Village is a two-level brick building with two terraces, a balcony and an outhouse. The last restoration took place in 1970es. Currently the restoration and reconstruction design and construction paperwork of the palace is just about to be issued. According to the documents a museum-hotel complex will be established on the basis of the palace.

The Khalch Palace was built in late classicism style in the first half of the XIX century. It is a national architectural monument. It has no direct lookalikes among the monuments of estate architecture of Belarus, Ukraine and Lithuania. The territory of the palace is an archaeology monument: it was an ancient settlement in the early Iron Age. There are also one more settlement, camps of ancient people and medieval mounds not far from the estate.

The palace can be used as a cultural-hotel complex. It means that it will combine museum part (representing interiors, furniture, some subjects of historic importance) and hotel part (hotel rooms, living room, dining room, billiard hall, etc.). The ground floor will include a café and a tasting room that will offer traditional Belorussian dishes.

The territory of the estate can become a skansen (an open air museum in natural environment).

There can be a camping site and a beach with a rental agency behind the brook, on the terrace.

Rugged topography of the second over-high riverside terrace characterized by considerable level difference can be used to locate ski and toboggan routes, ski lifts, health paths, etc.

The territory of the estate can be used to organize an open air museum, similar to the projects already existing in Belgium, Israel and Thailand. The project plans to reproduce the most significant monuments of the world architecture in the miniature architecture forms on a 1:25 scale. Such projects are traditionally popular among locals and tourists (especially child audience). For example, a miniature city of Madurodam (Scheveningen, the Hague, the Netherlands), which occupies 25,000 m2, has been visited by dozens of people since 1952.

The project can also include historical aspect, such as creation of mini-architectural compositions representing different ancient civilizations - Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Ancient Greece and Roman Empire.  

Services may vary and can include a few businesses:

  • cultural-educational events (excursions, exhibitions, reconstruction of traditional rituals, folk bands performances);
  • active rest (fishing, bathing, riding, sports);
  • hotel services (family rest, organization of business meetings, parties);
  • retail services.

Download the presentation:
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