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Exposition "The owners of the Gomel Estate" 20 February 2009
Exposition "The owners of the Gomel Estate""The Rumyantsevs' Hall" (ground floor) is devoted to the representatives of the noble family of the Rumyantsevs: Peter Alexandrovich, Field Marshal, his sons Nikolai and Sergei who owned the Gomel Estate from 1775 until 1834. The visitors can see the bronze busts of the Rumyantsevs, pieces of art by the famous sculptors and artists of the past, reproductions of the pictures by D.G. Levitski and D. Dow made by Gomel artists, a bronze statue of the Goddess of Peace, clocks, weapons (18th-19th century), illustrations, copies of valuable documents, etc.
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Exposition "The objects of religious worship" 20 February 2009
Exposition "The objects of religious worship"The Palace of the Paskevich Princes possessed a big collection of the objects of religious worship along with secular paintings and decorative and applied arts. Their biggest number was accumulated in the building of the House Church established in the North Risalit of the Palace in 1857-1858 in the name of St. Elisabeth and St. John the Theologian, who were the patrons of I.F. Paskevich and E.F. Paskevich, who died in 1856.
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Exposition "The Red Sitting Room" 20 February 2009
Exposition "The Red Sitting Room"In the mid-19th century the Red Sitting Room was a portrait room and a musical salon. There was an organ, and a grand piano alongside with twenty portraits. Later the Red Sitting Room transformed into the room of Irina Ivanovna Paskevich, Princess. The grand piano and the organ were moved out. The room was divided into cozy corners where one could do various things: reading, embroidering, gaming and just resting. The sofas and the soft chairs, the lampshades and mahogany furniture: everything there stated that the main criteria of its positioning was comfort. The walls would carry big parade portraits of the Russian Tsars and of the family members of the Vorontsov-Dashkovs as well as the watercolors and engravings. There were the clocks of various forms and mechanisms: some of them still exist and stay in the museum exposition. The owners of the palace liked the clocks very much: multi-voiced chimes animated the rooms.
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Exposition "Mysterious Sea Fantasies" 23 January 2009
Exposition "Mysterious Sea Fantasies"One of the expositions of the museum of the "Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble" State Historical Cultural Institution, which is very interesting to the visitors of all ages, is the exposition titled "The Mysterious Sea Fantasies". One can study the sea creatures there from the collection bought from the citizen of Gomel (Mrs. Lidia Fedorovna Malakhova) by the museum in 1998. The lady devoted a lot of time to collect and to study the lives of the sea and ocean inhabitants in order to bring a piece of the hidden world to the people living far from the sea.
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Exposition "Ancient History of the Gomel Region" 23 January 2009
Exposition "Ancient History of the Gomel Region"About 20 researchers have made archeological excavations in the territory of the Gomel District for the last 100 years. They used to excavate the sites of the first people, settlements of the mid-Stone Age, of the New Stone Age, sites and sepulchers of the Bronze Age, settlements and villages of the Iron Age. Today thanks to the works of the leading Belarusian archeologist K.M. Polikarpovich the museum has a chance to exhibit the items from the oldest site on the territory of Belarus located near Berdyzh Village of Chechersk District of the Gomel Region. Ancient history of the region is illustrated by the first 4 glass cases of the exposition. During excursion it is possible to find out how the man looked like 40-10 thousand years ago, what animals used to live in the Dnieper River basin. One of cases exhibits the bones and the teeth of the mammoth and of the fleecy rhinoceros.
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Exposition "Fauna of the Gomel Region" 2 January 2009

Exposition "Fauna of the Gomel Region"There is a permanently operating exposition "Fauna of the Gomel Region" in the North Wing of the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches. This exposition is especially popular among young visitors of the museum. The exposition portrays stuffed animals dwelling in the Gomel Region. This collection numbers about 171 exhibits.

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