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Exhibition Cooperation 24 May 2010

The "Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble" State Historical Cultural Institution invites the interested parties to cooperate in organization of exhibitions on a contract basis.

The Museum of the Institution offers six exhibition halls for displaying; the halls are equipped with the centralized security and fire alarm systems; the halls have the corresponding climate control.

Section Exhibition Cooperation
Painting of Sergey Radchenko 16 November 2011

Painting of Sergey RadchenkoHis works were exhibited in Moscow galleries "Pan-Dan", "Papa Carlo", "Soyuz Tvorchestvo", at the Museum of Belarusian Cinema and in Troickoye suburb in Minsk. His pictures are in the private collections of Nikita Mikhalkov, Svetlana Druzhinina, George Danelia, Eduard Topol and other famous people from Russia, Belarus, England, Germany and Italy.


Section Exhibition Cooperation
Yuri Platonov 1 February 2011
Yuri PlatonovYuri Platonov is acknowledged master hand among Gomel artists. He is famous for his bright and juicy landscape paintings representing seas and mountains of south countries and his native Belarus, philosophical portraits and still life paintings.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Old believers 1 February 2011
Old believersThe reform of Russian Orthodox Church, carried out in XVII cent., lead to the schism.  In late XVII cent. some   old believers (people who had not accept the reform and followed the traditions of old, pre-reformed Church) left their country and founded the settlement of Vetka on the territory of Gomel region. Very soon decades of old believers' settlements appeared on the territory of districts of Gomel, Vetka and Dobrush. Vetka became the centre of old believers' traditional culture, with its unique iconographic school and handwritten books.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Storks 1 February 2011
StorksA stork («busel» in Belorussian) is sacred bird for every Belorussian man.  According to the ancient myth, stork is a man or an angel, punished by God for his curiosity and therefore turned into a stork. Our ancestors believed this bird possessed some magic power. A stork was a guardian of the harvest and family well-being, he brought children to parents, he was connected with ancestors and so on. This sacred bird protected family and the whole nation against evil. So the main purpose of the exhibition «Storks» is to represent the image of a stork (as well as some other birds) through traditional Belorussian embroidery, weaving, national costume and some other aspects of folk culture.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Art exhibition of the works by Alexander Gailevich 24 May 2010
Art exhibition of the works by Alexander GailevichAlexander Gailevich was born in the Vitebsk Region, Belarus in the area of the Braslav Lakes in 1962. He currently lives in Gomel City. His genre is landscape.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Art exhibition of the works by Evgeni Shetikhin 24 May 2010
Art exhibition of the works by Evgeni ShetikhinEvgeni Shetikhin was born in Minsk, Belarus in 1960; however he believes his native town is Rechitsa in Gomel Region, where he has spent the longest part of his adult life.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Art exhibition of the works by Vladimir Korotki 24 May 2010
Art exhibition of the works by Vladimir KorotkiVladimir Korotki was born on October 04, 1938 in Gomel City, Belarus. B.F. Zvinogrodski, V.F. Kazachenko, A.M. Shevchenko were his teachers. He has been participating in the regional, republican, all-USSR and international art exhibitions since 1962. He has been a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists since 1989.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Clock exhibition from the Museum collection 24 May 2010
The items from the collection of the former owners of the Gomel Palace - the Princely Paskeviches Family - are the basis for the clock collection of the Museum of the Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble. The interiors of the Palace used to be decorated by the grandfather clocks, the wall-mount clocks, the table timepieces as well as the chimneypieces of clocks and candelabra; those items would vary in their shape, technique and age.
Section Exhibition Cooperation
Conceptual art exhibition of the paintings by Peter Lukianenko, Artist 24 May 2010
Conceptual art exhibition of the paintings by Peter Lukianenko, ArtistPeter Lukianenko is a modern Belarusian artist working in the area of easel painting. He was born in 1950. He graduated from the Belarusian State Theater & Art Institute (currently known as the Belarusian Art Academy), Department of Theory & History of Visual Arts. The pictures of the artist have been exhibited at the group and personal exhibitions in Belarus and abroad since 1976.
Section Exhibition Cooperation


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