Gomel Palace & Park Ensemble > The Winter Garden
The Winter Garden and the Observation Tower were built in the first half of the 19th century as the sugar mill buildings. The buildings were re-equipped and re-designed as park attractions in 1877. Over 600 plants of 26 species grow in a 245 square meter greenhouse of the Winter Garden. The oldest plant is the fan-leaved palm potted in 1888.

The Winter Garden grows some species of the subtropical plants: a magnolia, various palms, an evonimus (wahoo), a coffee tree, a fig or a ficus, a fig tree, a laurel, a Himalayan jasmine, a justicia, a pittosporum, a butcher, a broad-leaved ligustrum, a glossy privet, a lily-of-the-valley, a tall aspidistra, a fern, a Colchis ivy, a berry yew, a lemon citrus, an avocado (Persea gratissima).

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